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Expo Axis, Expo Center and Performance Center are also three large buildings with the function of organizational support. 220 countries and about 70 international organizations are participating in the World Shanghai Expo, the pavilions are a total of about 300. There are six groups of pavilions: Theme Pavilions, Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Zone D, Zone E. From outset of exhibition, the theme pavilions are attracting great interest. The five theme pavilions are exploring various aspects of urban reality: Urbanian Pavilion, Pavilion of City Being, Pavilion of Urban Planet, Pavilion of Footprint, Pavilion of Future.

The biggest edifice of Expo 2010

Expo Axis, situated in the central area of Pudong, is the biggest edifice of Expo 2010. The building, constituted of steel-glass funnels, is plastered by a membrane 110 mt wide and 1000 mt long. Expo Axis is joined to 2 fixed structures (Expo Center and Performance Center) and 2 basic areas (China Pavilions and Theme Pavilions). The Expo Axis has two floors overhead and two floors under ground. The structure is a hub of transportation wich permits to visitors an easy access to all areas of the exhibition, but is also a vast commercial center equipped with a variety of refection points and various areas specially set up for entertainment facilities.

Chinese Pavilion Expo 2010

The first structure you encounter on entering the Pudong section is the China pavilion. Within China Pavilion there is an important element in traditional Chinese architecture: it is 'The Crown of the East', a traditional structure with typical roof (made of wooden arches or brackets). The Chinese Pavilion is organized as follows: at the first floor there is the functional area, at the second floor the experience area, on the top floor is located the principal exhibition area.

The seven floors of Expo Center

Expo center is spread across seven floors occupying an area of 142,000 square meters. It is the structure of Expo 2010 built for ceremonies, conferences and conventions, even after the exhibition certainly will continue to host major events. The perfect sound isolation allows the simultaneous unfolding of various events. The largest room has 2700 seats and can accommodate large international events. For example at the end of Expo 2010 is already scheduled a summit of the national leaders of the world. The main hall can accommodate shows, concerts and other performances. The Expo Center has also four vast building that can accommodate banquets, meetings, conventions and other events.

Expo 2010: the five Theme Pavilions of Shanghai

The five theme pavilions, located in Zone B, are called as follows: Urban Civilization Pavilion, Urban Planet Pavilion, Urban Being Pavilion, Urban Life Pavilion and Future Pavilion. Each of these halls corresponds to one of the five sub-themes of Expo 2010. The structure of theme pavilions, located ahead the China pavilion, occupies an area of 12 hectares and is the largest structure ever built in the context of large international exhibitions. The area dedicated to exhibitions is about 80.000 sqm. There is also a multifunctional room of 7.000 sqm with the function of reception hall that connects the various pavilions.

The five theme pavilions: Urban Footprints Pavilion (the expansion of the cities as a decisive factor for human progress). Urban Planet pavilion (the double character of the city, as both a consumer of environment and as a place of technologic innovation). Urban Dwellers Pavilion (the urgent needs of city inhabitants as the precondition for the sustainable development). Urban Beings Pavilion (the development of the infrastructure of modern cities). Urban Dreams Pavilion (an imaginary journey into the future to create a hospitable city through a combination of technological progress and tradition).

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