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Shanghai is one of Chinese cities where the food is better, although not one of the eight major cuisines of Chinese tradition. In Shanghai there are numerous high class restaurants that represent the best cuisines of China and the best cuisines in the world. The Shanghai cuisine is often a fusion cuisine: Shanghai chefs have a great ability to take the best of international cuisine and make them their own.

The delicate flavor and the good look of the dishes are the main features of Shanghai cuisine. The main dishes are mostly made of sea fish and freshwater fish, seasonal vegetables, poultry and game. The cooking methods most used are: flipping, frying, parboiling. The most common flavors are hot, heavy, bitter flavors, and several mixed. The basic features of Shanghai cuisine are these: the ingredients are left very natural, tastes are mostly light and delicate. Some of the most famous dishes: Mandarin fish in sweet and sour sauce with pine nuts, eggplant sauteed with soy sauce, bamboo shoots, fried chicken Guifei (imperial concubine), sauteed vegetables with crab meat, eggs, shrimp with sea cucumbers.

Another typical feature of Shanghai cuisine are snacks. These snacks can be found everywhere, in traditional restaurants and in the modern shopping malls. The famous Shanghai snacks come from combinations of snack originating in various parts of China, but what distinguishes them most is a particular local style that makes them recognizable. Some of the most famous snack: the long pancakes, steamed dumplings, rice cake, Shanghai mantou (steamed bread), cereal soup.
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