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Shanghai Expo Tickets: categories and prices

Tickets Categories: Peak Day and Standard Day
There are two principal categories: Individual Tickets and Group Tickets. There are also other nine types of tickets dependent upon the period of visit. The Peak Days are 17: from 1 to May 3, 2010 - from 1 to October 7, 2010 - from 25 to October 31, 2010 - The Standard Days are the remaining 167 days.


Prices from May 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010
CNY200 (29,29 USD) per Single Day Admission of Peak Day
CNY120 (17,58 USD) per Special Admission of Peak Day
CNY160 (23,43 USD) per Single Day Admission of Standard Day
CNY100 (14,65 USD) per Special Admission of Standard Day
CNY400 (58,59 USD) per 3 Day Admission of Standard Day
CNY900 (131,82 USD) per 7 Day Admission of Standard Day
CNY90 (13,18 USD) per Evening Admission of Standard Day


The exhibition start from May 1 to Oct. 31, 2010

The location of Shanghai Expo 2010
The area occupied from Shanghai Expo World 2010 extends on both sides of the Huangpu River. The area, located among the Lupu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge, holds 12 pavilions, everyone with an area of 10–15 hectares. The total surface area is 5.35 square kilometers, the part situated in Pudong is 3.95 sq km (and include 8 pavilions) the part situated in Puxi is 1.40 sq km (include 4 pavilions).

90 million visitors are expected
Expo Shanghai 2010 lasts for 186 days, the nations and international organisations present with their pavilions are about 220. Shanghai Expo is the biggest world exhibition of all time, in fact they are expected 90 million visitors. This event is spreading throughout the world the image of a modern China at the forefront for the pursuit of progress. The Expo 2010 is a great performance which also led to the city of Shanghai the opportunity to build new structures and new means of transport.

The basic concept for Shanghai World Expo 2010
Better City, Better Life: the main slogan of the Expo summarizes the mission of this Super-Exhibition, give its own contribution to the improvement of human life. The organization of World Expositions start in London at 1851 and from the beginning encouraged technological, economic and cultural exchanges. Also Shanghai Expo collects the fruits of human intelligence, making available for the evolvement of world civilization the innovative ideas and the attainments of the progress.


The theme of Expo 2010: Better City, Better Life
This slogan is the principal theme of Shanghai Expo 2010 and describes the great desire to improve the quality of life in urban context. The message is simple and important, if all men and all nations will pool their knowledge and work together to improve the quality of life, then indeed we can expect for our children a better future.

There are also Five Sub-Themes
Besides the main theme of Shanghai Expo there are also 5 other sub-themes: the successful blend of different cultures within the city, the improvement in economic conditions of citizens, the scientific and technological innovation to serve the city, the improvement of communications within urban environment, the interaction and collaboration between rural and urban reality .

Mascot Haibao and Emblem of Shanghai Expo 2010
The mascot of Shanghai Expo 2010 is named Haibao, his image was inspired by a Chinese character (meaning 'people'). The mascot represents the spirit of Chinese culture and wants to valorize the deep meaning of family for the humankind. The logo of Expo 2010 shows three persons encircling each other (you, me and him/her) signifying the big family of humanity. The image exposes the principal message of Exhibition, namely the communication, the contact and the cooperation between the whole human race. The emblem was inspired by a Chinese character (meaning 'world'), the image reveals the wish of organizers to give a special and global sense to this Expo Edition.

A song to emphasize the significance of Shanghai Expo
The official song of Shanghai Expo is called 'City' and is sung by Jackie Chan. An Important song is also 'Right Here Waiting for You 2010', sung by a Japanese singer Mayo Okamoto. For the duration of Expo 2010 alternate musical shows of various kinds which include the participation of many famous artists. Between the singers who are participating in Shanghai Expo are also Hacken Lee, Stephanie Cheng, Gigi Leung, Alan Tam, Denise Ho and Vincy Chan.
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